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Being a kid sure is rough. I mean, diaper changes, not choosing your own food, having to learn to share, etc. has got to be exhausting. That being said, for today’s humor break I thought I would share a few of the most interesting responses I’ve gotten to the question, “Why are you crying?”

1. “Because I Don’t Want To Go Potty!”

This response concerned me a bit at first so I began asking more questions. Does going potty hurt? Is someone in the bathroom so you can’t get there? Do you not want to go alone? Hearing no to all of them, I then asked, “Then why don’t you want to go to the bathroom?”

Tears filled her eyes and she said, “Because the potty is ALL the way in that room! And I’m right here! And I do NOT want to walk that far. But if I don’t walk that far I am going to pee and I don’t want to do THAT either!”

2. “Because I Got In The Pool So Now My Clothes Are Wet!”

Umm… yes, the pool is full of water, so, what’s the problem here? “I didn’t want to get my clothes wet! I just wanted to go swimming!” Okay kid… whatever you say.

3. “Because He Killed My Friend!”

That one sounds a little alarming, right? Except in this case, the “friend” was 1 out of about 1000 ladybugs (or Japanese Asian Beetles maybe?) crawling around a house we were considering buying. The house was overtaken with them during our inspection and my bug loving daughter had decided to make one of them her own.

She carried it from room to room, spoke lovingly to it, and watched with care as it walked along. Then, just as the inspection was coming to a close, the inspector stepped on it. Oops!

ladybug - the reason my child was crying

4. “Because That Door Is Open!”

One of my children were obsessed with kitchen cabinets being closed, ALL the time. I, unfortunately have the tendency to forget to close them (I know, I know). Therefore, for the entire second year of this little girl’s life I heard, “It’s open! It’s open!” As tears fell down her little cheeks. Now, she’s just used to it.

5. “Because The Microphone is Broken!”

Abigail LOVES the karaoke machine, especially when it’s turned up as loud as possible. It is her absolute favorite thing to do. But of course, being only one year old, she doesn’t exactly understand the concept. So if the Karaoke machine is turned off, she gets very upset. She will pick up the microphone to start “singing” but when her voice isn’t amplified, crocodile tears form shortly before the microphone is thrown to the ground.

6. “Because I Can’t Clean Up Any Dog Poop!”

Admittedly, we are struggling majorly with getting the dog to poop outside. Anyone who wants to share any tips is totally welcome! But because of this, these words made me spring into action to make sure no one touched the dog poop.

But when I went to the crying child, there was no poop. “Where’s the poop?” I demanded to know.

“I don’t know!” She screamed, “He won’t make any poop so I can’t clean it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mind you, this child has NEVER cleaned up after the dog.

7. “Because Beardie is Looking At Me!”

While Spryo is now a beloved part of our family, it wasn’t always that way. One of our kids were terrified of him for a while and it seemed like every five seconds she would run through the house screaming hysterically because the bearded dragon glanced in her direction. How could anyone be afraid of such a cute little guy?

8. “Because You’re Not My Mommy!”

When I heard a child yelling repeatedly for Mommy, I naturally went running to remedy the situation. Instead of an emergency however, I found one of my children laying peacefully on their bed. When they saw me they begin screaming and sobbing because they didn’t want me, they wanted their mommy and I was NOT their mommy. No, said child wasn’t delusional. They were playing a game of house.

9. “Because I Don’t Want The Carpenter Bees To Leave!”

We have been overrun by carpenter bees making homes in our front porch. It has led to a lot of interesting discoveries such as the fact that male carpenter bees can’t sting or bite. Their only defense is to hover in front of you in hopes that you will be scared away.

My children, however, are not intimidated. In fact, the opposite is true. They have declared the bees are hovering in front of them because they want to be friends. And they have made their homes on the porch so we can all be close together! Three of these bees even have names: Sam, Sam II, and Cinderella.

I recently, however informed my princesses that the bees cannot live there forever as they are destroying our porch and this is a problem. That’s when the tears started. Apparently, it is cruel to destroy the homes of such innocent creatures, even at the risk of losing our own.

10. “Because I Don’t Want To!”

I mean, we’ve all been there, those moments when you don’t really remember why you started crying but now you want to stop but you just can’t. Normally responses like this simply mean it’s probably nap time (for Mommy and/or the kids).

What are some of the craziest things your kids have cried about? Let me know in the comments!

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