Yes, I let my child wear monster slippers through Walmart. Yes, my anxiety was through the roof. Yes, we got to the cash register without money to pay. And yes, everything was okay.

Walmart Green Monster Slippers

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This is my 3 year old wild child, Makayla. And these are her slippers. It wasn’t always that way you see. In fact, after over an hour of searching for shoes for her and her sisters, she had decided on a completely different pair. Until she saw these in the little boy’s section and decided she must have them.

And have them she did. She placed them on her feet and proceeded to parade around the store as we did our grocery shopping, enjoying the comments and smiles from those we passed. I on the other hand was dying inside.

“Why is that person smiling at me? Do they think I’m a bad mom for letting her wear them in the store? Is that wrong of me to do? Maybe they know they’re for boys but obviously she’s a girl.” My thoughts went rampant. But every time I saw my baby look at her feet and back up at me I said to myself, “I will not let my social anxiety take away this joy from her.” So we continued.

Shopping With Four Kids

Now mind you, going into a big store like Walmart is somewhat of a rarity for our family because, well, shopping with four kids isn’t easy. That being said, as we walked we had constant buggy rider switches (for those friends up in the northern part of the country, a “buggy” is also known as a shopping cart), screaming, and even a child repeatedly asking if we could get certain things.

Now adding to all of that chaos, all of the stares and comments we received from other customers regarding these crazy green monster slippers, and stress was definitely overtaking my resolve to enjoy the moment.

Then it happened. We were done. The screaming had ended. No more hearing how hungry everyone was. We were finished. So up to the checkout we went with four little girls, one of which was wearing her must have green monster slippers.

Then Disaster Struck

After ringing up all of the groceries and shoes, we made a horrifying discovery. I had left the large gift card on the desk by the computer at home, thirty minutes away. Unsure of what to do and with very high stress levels, a panic attack quickly ensued and I pulled the slippers off of my precious baby girl much to her dismay and I took all four children to the car so I could attack to regain control.

I succeeded in buckling them in, turning on the car, and starting up the air conditioning. But calming me? That was a whole different story.

My Emotions

My emotions were everywhere at that moment. I was frustrated and felt guilty that I had left such a large amount of money. I was angry that I couldn’t figure out an alternative. I was embarrassed that everyone knew what an awful thing I had done.

But most of all, I felt awful for my beautiful three year old who was without her green monster slippers.

The Decision

After what felt like FOREVER my husband reappeared with a cart full of groceries. He had decided to take the money we did have in the bank account and buy what we needed. Of course, I and the kids knew, the slippers weren’t one of those items and we were all (Daddy included) sorrowful.

We drove home in complete silence (which is a rarity with four kids) and headed into the house. As we unloaded the groceries, my assumptions had been confirmed: No slippers. I hoped nothing would be said, but eventually the topic came up and Daniel had to tell everyone that the slippers were still at the store.

While some of the kids seemed okay with this, Makayla included, it was actually Charity who fell into inconsolable tears.

An Amazing Daddy

Daniel can’t stand to see his kids unhappy. So after everyone was sound asleep, he got the gift card off of the desk and returned to Walmart for everyone’s slippers and the other items we had left behind.

When morning came, all of the kids (even Abbie) were thrilled to put on their new slippers and so thankful for a Daddy who loved them enough to make a special trip for monster slippers.

What I Learned

  • Slow down when leaving to make sure you have everything.
  • Let kids be kids, even if you feel a bit embarrassed.
  • Recognize that everyone makes mistakes and offer yourself forgiveness.
  • Look for another way.
  • Be grateful for what you have.
  • Laugh at your short comings.

Do You Need Your Own Monster Slippers? No problem!

Go to your local Walmart, or get your own here.

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