Some Big Transitions

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My site has been a little bit quiet lately and for that I must apologize. There have been some pretty big transitions happening in our home and I would like to tell you about them and how it is affecting my anxiety.

A New Dog

A little over a month ago, we got the chance to adopt a pure-bred Siberian Husky by the name of Halpert (think Jim Halpert from the Office). The first week especially was very rough as we had zero idea of what we were in for. We were told he was a very patient dog with both kids and other pets. This is all very true except for an issue called “resource guarding.”

For many dogs, if they feel threatened that you will take away their food or something important to them, they will become aggressive. For Halpert, however, he decides that everything in the home belongs to him. So if he finds a sock on the floor he will pounce and refuse to allow anyone near to him.

In the beginning we decided that the dog had to have a new home as it was just too risky. However, thanks to some help from people on Facebook we’ve been able to keep him and work with him to the point that we have even begun allowing him to interact with Abbie, the baby. Yes we do have to be a bit careful and we will not allow them together unless we are paying very close attention, but the behavior is definitely improving!

Two New Companies

We would greatly like to be able to take our kids to Disney Land but a family of 6 on a one person income is NOT easy to work with. So to supplement that I’ve taken to two “side-hustles” as it’s known in the Dave Ramsey World.

Usborne Books & More

This is definitely the one I am the most passionate about currently. One of my main goals as a parent has been for my kids to LOVE reading and learning! Usborne Books & More seriously has some of the most engaging non-fiction books I have ever seen and my kids absolutely LOVE them! I have made $300 so far (about $100 every month) and I’m hoping for that number to increase quickly.

I think what I have liked the best about working for this company is the fact that I have such a great team! My team is called Team Bloom and is full of some amazing sales lady’s who create their own trainings, competitions, and even one-on-one help!

If you’re interested in learning more about the books, getting the info on some great sales, joining the company, or doing a fundraiser for your group, please join me on Facebook. You’re also welcome to order books at full price here.


Have you heard of Lip Sense? It is the most popular product offered by SeneGence. In addition to lip color, however, they also sell some amazing skincare products, and have even recently brought out a line of products just for men which is pretty cool!

I want to say that I have not yet really got started with this and that’s simply because I have been so busy with Usborne.

That being said, however, I have joined the company primarily because, guess what? I don’t wear makeup. That’s right. I’ve never worn make up. But I would like to start and I think SeneGence is a great way to do that!


Charity turned 7 years old last month. Did you read that, right? She is 7!!! How in the world did my baby girl gets so big?!

Rather than a party at home, her request was a trip to the Little Buckeye’s Children’s Museum in Mansfield, Ohio. We all love Children’s Museums and we had a great time (expect a whole post on it soon). We also picked apples at Apple Hill Orchards. It was the first time for me and all four of the kids. Daniel has done it several times as a child but was excited to share the experience with us.

New Book

I’ve also been giving an amazing opportunity to read and review a book written by a friend, Melissa R. Cassidy from Leaving Busy. The book is titled “Coming Home: Leaving Busy To Save My Soul.” I haven’t finished the book yet, but I will go ahead and give a little preview of my thoughts so far (be sure to look out for a more detailed review soon).

To be completely honest, the reason I haven’t finished this book is because as soon as I pick it up, it creates a seriously struggle to put it down. As a mom of four this is dangerous! I read the first 17 chapters in one sitting!

In Coming Home, Melissa tells her story of being asked, “What would you ask God for if you were guaranteed the answer would be yes?” That question alone is so very thought provoking, I might just write my own blog post on it!

Her answer (or request) however, was for a full year of rest and this book explains how she found this rest in her diet, her relationships, her work, and so much more and how you can get there too!

While I love the content I also want to mention that I love the visual appearance. As someone with some vision problems, I often struggle with books but this one is so easy to read! The font is clear and double spaced, which is SO easy on my eyes!

Handling The Transitions

Honestly I’m not sure what to say about how I am handling them. I am busier than ever (which may not be a good thing based on the book I just mentioned) and in some ways my mental health has suffered! But in other ways it has soared!

For the first time in a very long time, I went to bed last night with all of the main areas of my house clean! You have no idea how good that felt!

At the same time, however, I have been having some Mommy guilt as I haven’t been as patient with my kids or had as much time to play as I would really like. But thanks to some of the things I’ve learned in this course I am getting better at managing my time and truly being able to do everything, including making time for my kids!


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