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Messes Kids Make – Funny Family Stories

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Everyone needs something to laugh at now and again so I thought you may enjoy reading some of the fun things that have happened in the lives of our family. Some may be recent, some may be from the past but all will have you laughing out loud (especially since they aren’t your kids). Today’s posts are all about the crazy messes my kids have made.

“Give Yourself A Break” – Mom

This has to be my mom’s all-time favorite story so I thought it would be a good one to break the ice. While I was adjusting to a new home and my second child, I had called complaining to my mom that my oldest child (then almost 2) was out of control. All of you parents have been there, the days that the toddler just wants your undivided attention and nothing else seems to suffice.

My loving and kind mother had a (not so) great suggestion. “Why don’t you let her paint with shaving cream?” She went on to explain how kids love the feel of it and it’ll give me a short break. What she didn’t say? That I might want to supervise this activity. (Whoops).

I had assumed “give you a break” referred to a break where I could change the new baby’s diaper or quickly unload the dishwasher. When I returned I found this precious gem:

Little girl making a mess of shaving cream

I’m not positive but I believe my mom still has the voicemail recording of my yelling, “I am going to kill you!” (an exaggeration, I assure you). 

Closet Paint Can

Kirsten has been my climber since before she could even walk. But I always assumed the top of her bedroom closet was a safe zone. That is, until she proved me wrong.

One night while she was supposed to be in her bed, I heard little footsteps making their way quickly through the hall and back into her bedroom. I quickly followed behind to a sobbing little girl holding a washcloth in front of a now empty paint can.

Apparently, my little climber had seen a toy that had been put out of reach at the top of the closet and decided she would retrieve it before going to sleep. We had not been in the house long and I hadn’t even been aware that a small open paint can had been left slightly behind the toy by the previous owners.

When K reached for the toy, the paint can came toppling down on top not only of her, but all the clothes in her closet, the closet floor, and the nice hardwood floor of her bedroom, as well as a few toys. Uh-oh! Needless to say, cleanup wasn’t much fun for anyone!

Interior Design Messes

In addition to being the climber, Kirsten is usually the family artist as well. The entire world is her canvas, including my walls, floors, couches, shoes, and clothes. But she isn’t the only creative one in the family.

An 18 month old in my house once decided to try out her own interior decorating skills. She had gotten very quiet (always a bad sign). I didn’t want to give up my few minutes of unusual quietness so I simply asked what she was doing.

“Pretty stickers!” Was the response which satisfied me to know that she was playing happily with a book full of stickers. Little did I know however, she actually had been busy coloring feminine products with markers and sticking them all over the hallway walls. Whoops! 

Flour, Flour, Everywhere

Those who don’t have a husband who loves to cook are missing out on some true awesomeness. Daniel is definitely the chef of the family and he rarely misses an opportunity to cook on his day off.

His downfall, however, is clean up duty. Somehow it seems he just never has the energy to clean after he has slaved away in the kitchen. So somehow I wasn’t too surprised when I walked into the kitchen to this after he had made biscuits. 

Kids made a mess with flour

I must say that was one of the worst messes my kids have made in regards to cleaning. Weeks later I was still finding little pieces of gluey flour throughout their hair. 

What are the worst messes your kids have made?

Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share with your friends! Also be sure to check out some of the funny things my kids have said and sung. It’ll have you laughing even more than this article did.

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