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That’s a vague title, right? But truthfully, one of the most common phrases I shout as falling into a panic attack is, “I just can’t do everything” Or “There’s only so much of me here, I am trying to do too much!” In a way, maybe I am. After all, I am trying to succeed at being a mother, a housekeeper, a wife, a teacher, a pet trainer, a blogger, and an Usborne Books & More Consultant. Is that too much?

So, when I was given the opportunity to take the Get CHAOS Organized Course at no charge, I thought, “YES!!! I need this!” and it truly has helped me a ton! If you struggle with the problem of, “I am doing too much but I don’t want to stop anything of the things I’m doing…” you need this course!

My Take-Aways

I don’t want to give away all of the secrets of the course, but I do want to let you know how it has helped me to take a deep breath and decide, “I’m not doing too much. I can handle this.”

1. Time Boxing

This is something I started doing years ago with my house cleaning (Thanks, Flylady) but I didn’t know it had a name or how helpful it would be in other areas of my life. What is it? Essentially it is focusing 100% on one scheduled task. You give yourself a certain amount of time to focus on that task and you work hard during that time. For cleaning, it works like this:

Every day after meal time I set a timer for five minutes and it is clean up time. We spend five minutes to clean up the dining room, then another five minutes to clean the kitchen. Another five for every room upstairs. Do we get each room clean in those five minutes? No way! But it is amazing how much we do get done!

In terms of blogging, I give myself one hour each morning to work on my blog post. If it isn’t done, it will have to be continued the next day.

I have also been using time boxing with our homeschool. Rather than just giving each person an assignment, I set a time for each subject. The difference in my kids has been AMAZING! The work that used to take 3 or 4 hours because of being unorganized now takes 90 minutes MAX (and that’s both kids school work combined)

What Are The Benefits of Time Boxing?

  • Focus – the best way to “do everything” is to just focus on one at a time. Time boxing helps to stay focused.
  • Communication – by scheduling your main tasks of the day, everyone in the family (kids included) know what is expected and it is much easier to set boundaries
  • Motivation – Maybe it’s just me, but having the competition of a clock ticking is great motivation! It helps encourage me to work hard and get it finished.

2. Getting Help

The fact is I can’t handle everything by myself. I need help sometimes and this is something I struggle with. I don’t relate well to others and don’t have many friends. Even when I do need help, sometimes I am afraid to ask for it because of my anxiety. But I am trying to do better in this area.

3. Setting Boundaries

We all need boundaries, but even more so when you’re trying to do a HUGE number of things at once. This course really helped remind me of why these clear boundaries are important with my kids and my husband. Sometimes we need to show them a timer and say, “For the next 30 minutes you are going to sit here and play quietly with Play Doh or read a book.” Or (to your husband), “I am going to need to work on the computer for 30 minutes so I need to be alone during that time, okay?”

4. Batching

Again, this is something that I’ve done before in one area of my life but haven’t really considered it in regards to other areas. For me, batch cooking has been very important at times. What I mean by that is, for example, I will sometimes brown 5-10 pounds of hamburger all at once to save time in the future. I also might make two or three batches of the same recipe so they can just be reheated at another date.

This course truly brought to light how well batching can work in other areas of my life too. For example, rather than doing my keyword research for one blog post, I can do it for several posts in a row as a way to get it all done at once.

My Disappointments

I can’t say I am 100% satisfied with this course (the fact is I am never 100% anything) and I definitely want to be honest with you about the downfalls.

  • The audio quality could be improved.
  • Some of the suggestions probably just won’t work well for very large families (such as washing/drying all of your laundry in a single day… I am a family of six and I’m not sure if I could do it. I definitely struggle to think larger families could unless they have multiple laundry room appliances).
  • The course comes with a printable workbook which means a lot of ink. While I do like writing things, I wish there was a more eco-friendly option, such as a workbook that can be filled out online.

In Conclusion

If you are like me and struggle to handle everything, do everything, and be everything, this course will truly help you understand and be able to simplify your life. In the beginning, the changes are difficult, at least they were for me. But remember, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.”

So if the way you’re handling things now isn’t working, maybe it’s time to try something new?




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