If your child has anxiety they need these five books from Usborne Books & More! #anxietyinkids #anxietybooks #books

5 Great Books For Kids With Anxiety

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Childhood anxiety is a very real, and potentially very serious concern. If you know your child suffers from this mental health disorder, there are some really awesome books by Usborne Books & More that can help them understand their feelings, and learn to manage them. Here are a few of my favorites.

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster

The Whatif Monster is a great book to help young kids with anxiety and worry.Those of you with anxiety know one of the biggest challenges is that question starter, “What if…”? In this rhyming book, Jonathan James is confronted with the “Whatif Monster” who makes him question everything. It helps kids to see that they aren’t the only one attacked by all of these questions. In addition, it can show young readers that sometimes all those “what if” thoughts are a little bit exaggerated and not necessarily true.

The book ends with a powerful statement, “What if the chance I take in the end is just how I find my very best friend?” Showing children that even if they are nervous about something, doing it anyway might just bring about something absolutely wonderful! Get your own copy here!

The Unworry Book

The Unworry Book is a great resource for children with anxiety to help them work through their emotions and fears.I cannot say enough good things about this book! It just came out last year but it is an amazing activity book for kids 9 years old and up to help specifically with anxiety. I’ve even had a few adults say they use it themselves.

With recommendations by psychiatrists, this book helps older children to recognize their feelings and understand why they may have those certain thoughts.

The Unworry Book has a plethora of activities to help with mental health such as journals prompts, a story maker, puzzles, scribbling pages, ways to make fidgeters, and more!

What I like the most about this book, however, is the “science of” sections which explain the scientific reasons behind some of the negative emotions we all feel each and every day. This is so very important in my opinion because of the stigma with mental health.

Phrases like, “Just suck it up,” and “Pull yourself up by your boot straps” don’t help anyone. But what does help is gaining an understanding of the problem and providing resources to address and fix that problem. The Unworry Book does exactly that and so much more!

No Worries

No Worries is an inexpensive activity book for children with anxietyIf the Unworry Book is too far out of your price range, consider the book No Worries. It was published by Kane Miller and written by a child psychologist. While it doesn’t have as much text as the Unworry Book, it definitely offers some really good activity ideas.

Some of the activities they have here include crafting a worry jar, coloring, writing letters, breathing exercises, sitting in silence, and writing a “weather journal” based on your emotions (sadness would be a rainy day).

The best part about this book is it is only $6.99 which is an awesome price for all of those cool resources!

Bully On The Bus

Bully On The Bus Can Help Kids Overcome Anxiety Caused By BulliesA lot of kids have anxiety because of bullying that happens at school. That is why I wanted to include this great chapter book in this list. The main character, Leroy, faces repeated bullying by someone on the school bus but eventually finds a way to fight against his own anxiety and stand up for himself, putting an end to the bullying.

I do want to say here that this is a book to read with your child to enable discussion on emotions, and feelings throughout the reading. It should also be noted that it is written in a very interesting free-form unlike any other book I’ve ever read and while this did bother me at first, I quickly overcame the shock and thoroughly enjoyed this great read.

It is recommended for kids ages seven and older

Jessica’s Box

Jessica's Box is the story of a little girl anxiously trying to make friends but struggling because of low self-esteem.Written for kids as young as four up to eight or nine, Jessica’s Box is all about a little girl who struggles to make friends in a new school. She almost obsessively takes items to school to share with other people, but her self-esteem dwindles as she is either made fun of or ignored. But in the end of the story she learns that the best way to make new friends is just to be yourself.

I wanted to include this one because a lot of people (not just children) with anxiety struggle with friendships because we try to please everyone else rather than just being ourselves. If you have a little one that would benefit from this one, order a copy here.

Short On Cash?

If you like these books and would like to be able to help the children in your life by handing these out to them, let me help. An an Usborne Books & More Consultant I have a couple of different ways I may be able to help you to get free books for your little one. Just use the contact me page and put “Free Books” in the subject line.

If your child has anxiety they need these five books from Usborne Books & More! #anxietyinkids #anxietybooks #books

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